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Novel Ways to Promote Your Book

Author Martin Walker has filled the website promoting his food-obsessed detective character Bruno Courreges with loads of real content related to his fictional character. This surprisingly deep site contains recipes, wine recommendations and a visitor’s guide to the Perigord region of France where the novels are set. Walker also co-authored a cookbook for Bruno with his…

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Big Marketing Tips for Small Business

Here’s to the Little Guys National Small Business Week was June 17 – 21. Let’s celebrate with some marketing tips and inspiration for your small business. I love this definition of an entrepreneur: I understand the struggles of running what I fondly call a “micro business,” and oh boy does it ever take a considerable…

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Zen and the Art of Website Maintenance

Protect your investment You love your web site.* You probably invested a lot of time and money into creating it. It’s a little bit like buying a car. No matter how great the car, you can’t just drive it off the lot and forget about it. You need to perform routine maintenance to keep it…

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