We Need to Talk About Facebook

Is it the social media platform you can’t refuse? Chances are, if you have anything you’d like to sell or promote, from a product or service to a cause or an event, you’ve been told you need to be on Facebook. The social media app‘s pervasive penetration in the global marketplace has earned it a reputation as…

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What’s the Best Way to Build a Website?

Do you need a new or redesigned website? I have good news for you. There are a lot more options for how to build one than ever before. But the bad news is… there are so many options! How do you decide which is best for you, your business, and your customers? Don’t worry, there’s no wrong…

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Novel Ways to Promote Your Book

Author Martin Walker has filled the website promoting his food-obsessed detective character Bruno Courreges with loads of real content related to his fictional character. This surprisingly deep site contains recipes, wine recommendations and a visitor’s guide to the Perigord region of France where the novels are set. Walker also co-authored a cookbook for Bruno with his…

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